Crynant Community Council

Updating a website to reflect Community Council values.


Create blog posts that help members of the community stay informed, whilst conveying the key council values.

The problem

The existing Crynant Community Website was old fashioned and purple, and badly needed updating. The website was mostly used to record minutes of council meetings for residents to consult, and to post financial details of council accounts.

The council wanted to update the website so community members could be involved in the activity of their village and local council. The website needed to act as a hub to advertise activities held at the community centre, and a news outlet for events taking place in the village.

The solution

With several community events taking place in the run-up to Christmas, it was decided that the website should be updated with a space to add blog content and news. The minutes, agendas and accounts of council meetings were organised into subcategories so they could be found easily by community members and a new homepage created to welcome visitors to the website.

I also wrote and optimised a series of blog posts that were promoted over social media.


The redesign of the website and the events campaigns resulted in high attendance at all the autumn/winter community events including a commemorative lecture by Professor Sir Deian Hopkin.

The impact of the redesign is not fully realised as the new branding will unfold over the next year in all communications.